A Bajan Story

Film Production

This documentary attempts to tell a story of Barbados’ journey towards independence focusing on major events and the country’s progression 50 years on. The perspectives captured in this film are from a range of educators, politicians, social commentators, musicians and most importantly real Bajans.

Ichirouganaim (Barbados) was originally inhabited by Arawaks then later Caribs before European colonisation of the Americas. When the Portuguese/Spanish arrived on the island in the 1500’s it was said to be uninhabited and full of bearded fig trees and they did not settle, but called the island Los Barbudos, hence ‘Barbados’ The history of the Barbados known today, started when the British arrived in 1625. This would herald a period of great prosperity and wealth for the British state through the exploitation of enslaved Africans and indentured servants. Some 339 years later Barbados gained Independence from Britain on November 1966. The years in between are a juxtaposition mash of misery, pain, sacrifice, obedience, emancipation, devotion, wealth, politics, strength, rebellion and perseverance. Many Barbadians view independence as a proud achievement especially for such a small island, while some view this as pseudo independence.

Starring Trevor Marshall Professor Pedro Welch The Mighty Gabby David Commisiong Mia Mottley Mrs Jackson Pamela Dottin Red Plastic Bag Wayne ‘Poonka’ Wilock Amanda Cumberbatch St Pauls Primary Choir Adrian Green Janine White Tumpey Dan